About Us

Hampshire County Council has teamed up with Liftshare, the largest implementer of car-sharing systems here in the UK to form a ground-breaking and innovative partnership in the form of HantsCarShare.com

In line with Central Government's 10-year transport strategy, and the Hampshire County Council's own policy on transport, HantsCarShare has been developed.

Its aim is to promote all forms of transport and integrate both public and private transport modes. It's about giving you alternatives to the more traditional forms of getting from A to B. Including a new and innovative county wide car-sharing scheme with strong links to the national Liftshare database.

It is absolutely free and has been built and designed for every possible user. Whether you are a driver, passenger or if you would simply be interested in finding an alternative to getting about, then this is the site for you. If you would like to see additional information about this site or you have any comments concerning its contents then we would be very happy to hear from you using our feedback form.

Happy Travelling!
Hampshire County Council and Liftshare